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A predictable state container for python heavily inspired by Redux

While not being a strict 1:1 port of Redux API, Revived is supposed to do pretty much the same job in the most pythonic way possible.

NOTE: I needed this piece of code to work with the latest python available at the moment (3.6). While I am not really caring about other versions, the Travis build is running the test suites on all the 3.5+ versions, including the dev ones.


You can find the compiled documentation here:


Revived package is available on pypi: to install it use the following command:

pip install revived


Usage examples are coming soon.


  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Create the virtualenv.

    • using virtualenv:

      virtualenv ENV
    • using virtualfish:

      vf new ENV
      # optional: automatically load the virtualenv when entering the dir
      vf connect
  3. Update pip and install pip-tools:

    pip install --upgrade pip  # pip-tools needs pip==6.1 or higher (!)
    pip install pip-tools
  4. Install the dependencies:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Build the documentation:

    cd docs
    make html  # or whatever format you prefer
  6. Work on the revived module. This project uses pip-tools so you want to add your new direct dependencies in and then compile the requirements.txt using:

  7. Write tests.

  8. Run tests:

    # to have coverage in command line
    pytest --cov revived --pep8 revived tests
    # to have html coverage file in the htmlcov directory
    pytest --cov revived --cov-report html --pep8 revived tests
  9. Check type hints:

    mypy revived tests
  10. Create a pull request.

  11. Profit :)